Maintaining your garden during the summer and particularly in the hot weather can be a challenge.  These helpful hints can help to keep your garden looking at its best over this warm period.

Useful information is also provided by the Royal Horticultural society via their website at

Looking after brand new turf

If you have recently moved into a new home or have recently laid turf

  • Do not walk on the turf for the first 4-6 weeks (this includes any pets)
  • Water the turf daily for at least 2 weeks after is has been laid or 4 weeks during warm weather
  • Do not overwater the lawn
  • Remove toys, furniture and equipment after using to avoid dead patches appearing
  • Fertilise the lawn twice a year

Ongoing lawn maintenance

Water – water newly created lawns thoroughly provided no hosepipe restrictions are in force.  Water during the early morning, evening or even night time rather than the hottest part of the day, to reduce water wastage from evaporation.

Watering once every 7-10 days is normally sufficient.  It is important not to apply too much water and this encourages shallow rooting of the grass and promotes moss and turf diseases.  Excessive watering makes the lawn less drought–tolerant in case of hosepipe bans or holidays when watering is discontinued.

For established lawns, water it once the soil becomes dry but before the grass colour changes. If the ground is very hard, aerate it by spiking with a garden fork before watering to aid water penetration.

Mowing your lawn – Raise the height of the cut in dry weather to avoid weakening the grass, and let the clippings fall back onto the lawn rather than collecting them. They will act as mulch and slow down the evaporation of the water from the soil surface.  Make sure the clippings are small, or they will smother the grass and cause damage.


Pull out any weeds as soon as you notice them as they can attract pests, diseases and infections.

Don’t disturb your soil, be careful not to over dig in hot weather, disturbing your soil will only get rid of moisture.

garden sprinkler for watering the lawn or garden


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